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Superior carbon-based materials for ultracapacitors

European Inventor Award

Jahr : 2022

Technisches Gebiet :

  • Physik, Elektrizität

Ort : Estonia

Verknüpfung : https://new.epo.org/en/news-events/european-inventor-award/meet-the-finalists/jaan-leis-mati-arulepp-and-anti-perkson


Estonian scientists Jaan Leis, Mati Arulepp and Anti Perkson worked on optimizing curved graphene.

Their patented solution improves building electrodes for quick-charging, longer lasting and more powerful industrial ultracapacitors.


Unternehmen : Skeleton Technologies

Webseite : https://www.skeletontech.com/

Beschreibung : refer to https://www.skeletontech.com/about