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FTA Technical Innovation Award

Jahr : 2023

Technisches Gebiet :

  • Mechanical Engineering, Lighting, Heating

Ort : Netherlands

Verknüpfung : https://www.flexography.org/honors-awards/technical-innovation/


RoboCELL is a patented innovation offering complete robotization of the prepress department, and consisting of robotic sleeve handling, robotic tape application, robotic plate loading, and fully automatic mounting.

RoboCELL is an innovative, robotic solution that eliminates manual intervention, allowing sleeves to be selected, tape applied, sleeves delivered to the mounter for automatic plate mounting, and final sleeves filed to a cart, ready for the press.


Unternehmen : AV Flexologic

Webseite : https://www.flexologic.nl/

Beschreibung : refer to https://www.flexologic.nl/about-us/