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Patent and design for UV boat for sale

Offer : Selling Patent

Technical field :

  • Life Science, Medical

Location : Gütersloh Germany

Country(s) of protection :

  • Germany


The UV-Boot from biotec is a patented and utility model protected highly effective and easy to use water disinfection system based on UV radiation "made in Germany".

In contrast to common solutions for water disinfection, the UV-Boot is a chemical-free solution. Thus, there is no risk of over- or underdosing of chemicals, the disinfected water does not experience any change in odor or taste, no toxic by-products are produced and, most importantly, no chemicals are released into the wastewater and thus into the environment.

The biotec UV boat disinfects even if there is resistance to non-oxidative biocides. Due to the UV permeability of the quartz glass housing of the UV boat, the water container is also irradiated and thus disinfected. This reduces germs in a very short time.

In addition, the UV boat from biotec offers a high degree of flexibility, as the decentralized control system allows up to five UV boats to be connected, and an optional connection to the building's light technology can also be implemented. In addition, remote maintenance and control via an Ethernet connection is possible on request.

Furthermore, the UV boat from biotec contributes to sustainability, since the operating costs are low and a burner change is only required after about 8000 h.

Matching the technical protection rights, we also offer the design protection rights (community design and UK design) of the UV boat.


Biotec GmbH

Elbrachtsweg 76
33332 Gütersloh

Telefon: 05241 / 307 200


Additional Details & Gallery

Additional Info : UV-Boot-Patent_Flyer.pdf