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Christmas tree stand with Bluetooth sound module

Offer : Selling Patent

Technical field :

  • Other

Location : Thierhaupten Germany

Country(s) of protection :

  • Germany

Remuneration : € 10.000


Registered property right (utility model) to be sold for continuation and marketing. An extension of the scope of the property right abroad is still possible due to the one-year priority period still running. After the purchase, the purchaser will immediately receive a signed transfer declaration for submission to the German Patent and Trademark Office. All rights are thereby transferred to the purchaser.


A transfer to a licensee is possible at any time. A license agreement drawn up by a patent attorney is also part of the documentation.


Secure the rights to an innovative product with a unique selling proposition.


A Christmas tree stand with Bluetooth function and built-in sound module is an innovative product that allows you to play Christmas songs from your smartphone or a USB stick. The Christmas tree stand is easy to use and has a sturdy base that holds your tree securely. The built-in sound module provides excellent sound quality and creates a festive atmosphere in your home.


A sound module in the Christmas tree stand can have various advantages depending on the features it offers. For example:


    A sound module can play Christmas songs that create a festive mood. You can select and control the songs via Bluetooth from your smartphone or other device


    A sound module can create sound effects that make the Christmas tree look more alive. The rustling of snow or the ringing of bells.


    A sound module can make voice announcements that give you useful information. For example, the water level in the Christmas tree stand, the temperature in the room, or the time until the Christmas presents.


    A personal delivery of all documents is also possible.


The innovation provides that a sound module with Bluetooth - function is built directly into a Christmas tree stand or as a separate module and is designed in a total volume required for the purpose.


A Christmas tree stand with a lever mechanism is known and enjoys great popularity every year at Christmas time. Due to the built-in or underlay module after the innovation with the built-in sound module, it additionally offers the transmission of sound files in the direct vicinity of a Christmas tree in conjunction with an excellent sound quality and and control via smartphone, it provides a festive atmosphere at home during the Christmas season.


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