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GfW Movable odor and hygiene seal

Offer : Selling Patent

Technical field :

  • Every day Commodities

Location : 66978 Leimen Germany

Country(s) of protection :

  • Germany

Remuneration : € By agreement, complete sale of rights, licensing possible, share purchase possible, or resale.


The GfW has a European granted patent and is effectively protected by the patent grant in the states of Germany, France, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, Netherlands and even smaller states. The GfW was developed to ensure more hygiene in the bathroom - sink overflow hole. This concerns bacteria, viruses, molds and germs that build up over time in the back of a sink overflow hole from the bottom. See pictures and function video. The GfW - sink trap - is simply plugged in for installation, and its movable flap provides the best possible seal. In the event of a water overflow, it opens by itself, so that the water can drain in the rear water overflow area. (Important from an insurance point of view !! ). If the lower water plug of a full sink is opened again, and the water level lowers, the flap of the GfW closes again, and the protection is restored. In addition, the GfW beautifies the dirty overflow hole that cannot be cleaned, and matches well with the faucets. This product is an absolute money maker, but it needs to be in the public eye. The GfW has been developed with engineers, injection molds and chrome racks are available, so it can be immediately industrialized and produced in the required mass. Already 10 000 pcs. have been produced by me. So it is a finished product that is now looking for an investor, or marketer. I myself have already invested over 300 000 Euros, and would now like to sell it, or license it. 



If you have any questions, please contact me at sohnpatente@gmail. 

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