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Technical field :

  • Green Technology

Location : Munchen Germany

Country(s) of protection :

  • USA / United States


Hydroelectric power plants are no longer being built in the USA and Europe due to the destruction of nature.
The floating hydroelectric power station is allowed as it is registered as a boat.

A hydro power plant for the use of a water flow includes an endless moving belt on which a plurality of blades is foldably attached. The moving belt is guided around at least two deflection points in such a way that there are two rows of blades moving in opposite directions during operation. At least one of the two rows of blades is oriented inclined to the direction of the water flow. At the deflection points, the blades are folded over from a first blade position into a second blade position and from the second blade position back into the first blade position.
Description of the invention and advantages:
the invention is a "anchored floating platform".
The generator is located on the platform, and a funnel is installed under the platform, which increases the flow of water.
There is a grid in front of the hopper entrance to prevent coarse objects from entering the "Invention" device.
The device is located behind the hopper and is attached to the platform.


Georgios Sklivanos

Rotbuchenstr. 44

81547 München

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