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Propel LLC Smart Integrated Shirt project

IFF Innovation Awards

Year : 2020

Technical field :

  • Textiles, Paper

Location : United States of America

Link :


Propel LLC Smart Integrated Shirt includes 3-patent pending innovations to monitor physiology of the wearer. The shirt is made with Propel’s proprietary electrically enabled yarn that looks, feels and behaves like a traditional yarn, but has the conductive elements needed for transmitting data and power. The shirt has solder-free textile connectors that are soft and flexible for wearer comfort and user-transparency. All components within this shirt are sourced within the US.

Company Details

Company : Propel LLC

Website :

Description : The company was established in 2006. It is a product innovation company focused on the development, sales, and marketing of innovative textile driven technologies. The main markets are the US Military and Fire Service. It is a women owned small business.


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