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Patent search for informed decisions

Patent Search

You want to set the course and make your decision on the basis of knowledge?
We think this is a good idea and would be happy to help you!

A patent search can be used at different stages:

In the run-up to a patent application, as state-of-the-art research, before market launch, to find the intellectual property rights of the competition (freedom to operate) or during ongoing business as (e.g. quarterly) competition research.

We would be happy to discuss the scope and goal of your research with you without obligation.


This is what you can expect from us:


  1. Unrestricted interest in your ideas, projects and goals
  2. Customized search in advance of a patent application that meets your budget schedule and requirements
  3. Support materials to facilitate meetings with your internal invention committees.
  4. Ongoing monitoring of your industry and/or competitors with quarterly reports