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Patent Tutoring


    Do it yourself - we tutor you!

    This Service is directed to inventors and companies that want to actively shape the process of patent protection for their innovations. If you are considering whether you should apply for a patent yourself or whether you should hire a qualified patent attorney, we can offer you a service that includes both.
    The independent drafting of a patent application  has above all a financial advantage, on the other hand drafting a patent and especially drafting the claims can 
    Our service includes the following 

    Our Patent Tutoring Service includes the following:

    1. Tips and tricks for a patent search.

    2. Consultation for a patent strategy tailored to your company.

    3. Assistance in the preparation of a patent description and claims.

    4. Assistance in filling out the request form and information on importnt deadlines. 

    Execution of the research:

    First of all, we will schedule a conference call and dicuss with you your invention .
    We show you where and how you can conduct a the state of the art search.
    After you have coducted the search, you report to us on your results and together we outline the patent claims. Based on the claims you draft the application text and we will correct it for you.
    Finally, we send you the application forms and explain how to file the application and what deadlines you should keep track of.
    If you decide during the drafting process that you would like us to prepare and file the application for you, we will deduct the cost of the Patent Tutor Service from the total price.

    Right of withdrawal:

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