Exploitation of inventions

The exploitation of inventions is possible primarily through patents, but also in the broader sense through established trademarks or designs. 

Exploitation takes place via

  • in-house production
  • Sale of the patent, trademark or design
  • licensing of the patent, trademark or design.










In this context, it is first necessary that the corresponding protective rights, i.e. in particular patents and utility models, are well written, hit the core of the invention, are difficult to circumvent (large scope of protection) and are registered or granted in the relevant markets. In order to achieve this, it is advisable to develop a patent strategy. The patent strategy is also necessary for startups if you are looking for investors.

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In this context, it has also been shown that the exploitation of inventions works better with a bundle of protective rights rather than with a single one. This is especially true if you intend to sell a patent or grant a patent license. 

The patents can be exploited particularly profitably if, in addition to the property rights, one also has know-how which can be sold or licensed to a potential interested party. 

All intellectual property rights, the invention and any existing know-how should be clearly listed in an exposé.

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