For your technical inventions we will file national or international patent application. If necessary very quickly.



Trademarks are the anchor of your busines`s relationship to the consumer. We help you protect your brand.



A product design emphasizes the uniqueness of your product. With a design patent we help you to protect this asset.


IP Strategy

We help Companies to actively manage their intellectual property and build a valuable IP portfolio.


Patent Research

We provide quick "state of the art searches" for you as well as extensive prior art and invalidity studies.


Freedom to Operate

In a Freedom To Operate analysis, we check whether your product infringes existing patents of your competitors.


As a patent law firm, we advise you in all aspects of intellectual property law. This includes above all patents, trademarks and designs.

In addition to obtaining intellectual property rights, we also attach great importance to the development of a tailor-made IP strategy for each individual company. This is the key to successful knowledge management.

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